Advanced Guide to Wand Motions

Advanced Guide to Wand Motions

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Step into Hogwarts Defense Against the Dark Arts Class with this Harry Potter themed Wand Motions chart has all of the advanced and even unforgivable curses and spells and their accompanying wand motions! Grab your wands (or a pencil, stick, really anything!) and start practicing! Just be careful where you aim...some are serious curses!

Print Details:

  • 12x18 Print
  • Printed on silky smooth vinyl (super durable!)
  • Small logo printed on front bottom

This print was extensively researched by me and I can say they are 100% the actual wand motions. I did not make a single one up. I then hand drew each motion, provided notes on certain spells and listed the names, then put the image into the computer to add color and texture. There is a texture and distress over the image to give it an antique "Harry Potter" feel.

Each print is carefully rolled, tied with twine, then packed into a sturdy triangle tube to be shipped to you!

Every Harry Potter fan, geek, nerd, even Muggle will love this print!