Tea Leaves Tessomancy Harry Potter Prints

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Step into Hogwarts and climb the astronomy tower into Professor Trewlawney's Divinations class with this Harry Potter themed Tessomancy (Tea Leaves) print. 


Harry Potter and Tea Lovers alike will love this beautifully hand drawn print! Looks wonderful in your kitchen, above your tea station, in your bedroom, etc!

Print Details:

  • Size options of 12x18
  • Color Options of Purple, Red and Black
  • Printed on silky smooth vinyl (super durable!)
  • Small logo printed on front

I hand drew each tea cup and then put the image into the computer to add color and texture. There is texture and distress over the image to give it a vintage "Harry Potter" feel.

Each print is carefully rolled, tied with twine, then packed into a sturdy triangle tube to be shipped to you!

Every Harry Potter fan, geek, nerd, even Muggle will love this print!